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by David Augustus Hart

The Evolutionary Review


Published by SUNY Press, TER provides a forum for evolutionary critiques in all the fields of the arts, human sciences, and culture: essays and reviews on film, fiction, theater, visual art, music, dance, and popular culture; essays and reviews of books, articles, and theories related to evolution and evolutionary psychology; and essays and reviews on science, society, and the environment. Essays in The Evolutionary Review implicitly affirm E. O. Wilson's vision of "consilience," and give evidence that an evolutionary perspective can yield a richer, more complete understanding of the world and of ourselves.

Editorial Policy

Criteria for selecting essays include depth and seriousness in evolutionary thinking, imaginative force, and excellence of style. Potential contributors should establish a distinct, individual point of view, avoiding academese and neutral summary. The editors value incisiveness and clarity, energy, wit and humor, vivid language and striking imagery, tonal nuance, and a knack for engaging the interest of readers. Essays should be relatively short (usually less than 4,000 words). Reviews of single books should usually be less than 1,500 words. Illustrations, when appropriate (for instance, movie stills, art objects, and cartoons) will be considered. Contributors must provide permissions for any illustrations they wish to use. MLA-style citation.

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Editorial Board

Alice Andrews | Founder/Editor-in-chief
David Michelson| Executive Editor
Michael Fonte | Managing Editor
Michelle Scalise Sugiyama | Senior Editor
John A. Johnson| Senior Editor
Michael Mills| Senior Editor
Terry Grandis| Editorial Editor